are volcanoes useful and why?


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Some of the first mirrors were made out of volcanic glass (obisidan), so without it we may have not have become the vain people we are today.  How would consumerism flourish without self obsession?

Obisidan was also used in weaponry to make macuahuitl swords. It was also used in jewellery as gemstones some types of obsidian are rare and valuable.

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Volcanoes allow the magma under the Earth's crust to vent. If it didn't vent, pressure would just build up. If you don't know this already, if pressure is not released the object holding it will explode. So i will take the venting over the planet blowing up.

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Volcanoes provide us with many different benefits.

The ash produced by volcanoes is often highly fertile, which means that the land around volcanoes makes good quality farmland.

Tourism is another benefit of volcanoes. Volcanic landscapes are often spectacular, e.g. Those of Iceland, and volcanic islands such as the Azores. Volcanoes also produce a variety of features which can attract tourists, including geysers, hot springs and mud pools.

Geothermal power can also be generated in volcanic areas, which is cleaner as it does not produce CO2 emissions, and is also a renewable form of energy.

Volcanic islands can also form staging posts - places to stop on a long journey - such as Ascension Island in the South Atlantic Ocean.

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