Why Are Volcanoes Useful?


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5 ways volcanoes are helpful to the environment.

1. One way volcanoes can help the environment is that it helps enrich soil for farming and in some cases provide for reservoirs for the storage of ground water and the lava is really good for plant growth after it hardens

2. The earth’s valuable resources are formed by volcanoes. These elements are sulfur, copper, lead, tin, uranium, silver, mercury, and gold.

3. Geothermal power is power extracted from heat stored in the earth. Volcanoes help geothermal power because it is an alternate energy source that is better for the environment and volcanoes provide this to society also.

4. Volcanoes bring alto of jobs, because you have tourist and scientist who travel all over the world to get a visual of what a volcano looks like. People also live close to volcanoes because; geothermal energy can be harnessed by using the steam from underground which has been heated by the Earth’s magma

5. When a volcano erupts, it emits lava. When lava hardens, it becomes very stable. Volcanoes can make entire islands, which would be helpful, like Hawaii. Volcanic vents in ocean floors purify and put oxygen into the sea water.
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When volcanoes erupt, the lava burns some soil, which makes it fertile for crops. Plus, the Earth's most valuable resources are formed by volcanoes, such as copper, tin, lead, silver, uranium, etc..
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Volcanoes do so much damage you might think they aren't useful at all. But they do have their advantages. Sometimes new land appears when a volcano erupts. This is how Hawaii came into existence and we would not have this beautiful place without volcanic activity.

Volcanic rock also contains important metals such as copper, silver and gold and some gemstones. Some of the world's biggest diamonds have been found in volcanic rocks. The volcanic chimneys in South Africa and Russia are filled with diamonds. Opal, zircon, tourmaline, topaz, aquamarine, moonstone and other semi-precious gems have also been found in hardened magma.

One of the substances found in volcanic magma is pumice. This is a rough volcanic rock that is useful for treating hard skin on hands and feet. Rub on the pumice and the hard skin is worn away, leaving health new skin underneath.

Volcanic ash contains lots of minerals and when this falls on soil, it mixes with the soil and produces land that is extremely fertile. Once the volcanic eruption is over, the area around bursts into life as plants grow even better than before.
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