I know it can be beneficial but is it possible for the Cannabis plant to become an invasive species?


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Nope. It's fine.

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🌳 🌴 🌾 🌿 ☘ 🍀 🍃 🌲 🌱
Jaimie  JT
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Lol yep ! :) I can answer this with clarity tonight though cos I'm only drinking tea and I'm not smokin' anything. My favourite colour is green though ;p so it's fine ... Cos I said so !
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I wish it would invade my garden. It would never escape.

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Yessssss! This question is whack !
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I know you're sleeping but I just ordered a pizza ... PIZZA ! But now I'm tired and can't really wait for it and now I don't want pizza anyway... Well this is awkward. That's the only one place that delivers to my house and I'm not gonna wait up for that cos I said so:
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Tell them to send it to my house.
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It used to grow wild in the southwest portion of the US. Hard to become invasive when it is a natural part of the environment.

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N. Harmonik
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What about in other countries?
PJ Stein
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It is not a particularly easy plant to grow. Conditions have to be right, and in many parts of the world thy just aren't. And seeing as it has been around for thousands of years without becoming invasive, I don't see it happening now.
N. Harmonik
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Actually, I just learned of this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hunter_Valley_cannabis_infestation
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To be honest, I didn't think about this side of cannabis. You know, I don't smoke it and I usually take it in the form of CBD oil which has some nuances and we all know it. So, it is not necessary for me to go deep into cannabis growth. It doesn't concern me

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