How hot has it been where you live ? Hit about 110 here yesterday with bad air quality!


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Storms moved through and finally have pushed the horrid heat and humidity away for a couple of days.  We'll be in the mid to upper 80's.  Whew!  It had been so oppressive last week!

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Yesterday it was 96F degrees and the humidity was 70%. It was like walking through water.

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Ancient Hippy
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We've had this for two weeks and there's no letup in sight. We even had a thunderstorm and a downpour last nigh. It just made things worse.
Ancient Hippy
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It's horrible. I can't believe that I used to work outside in this crap. It would kill me now.
Ancient Hippy
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Working in this heat is very exhausting. It zaps the energy right out of you.
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110 here in texas

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Dear Rooster,

It is 9 AM here in Tenino, WA and already 55*F.

But they say we will get up to 83*F today...about 70 miles from the Pacific Ocean which moderates the weather here.

And then up around 90*F on Thurs-Fri.!

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We are just north of Montana. Highs 75F (24C) and at night it gets down to 14 C (57F)  Normally it drops below 13C at night, but 14 is not bad. Open the windows at night, close them during the day. NO AC

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96° with 56% humidity.

The fire has made the air quality pretty bad. I woke up on Saturday with my car in ashes, and the sun and sky was Orange.

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We are to hit around 104 today with about 75% humidity...

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We have "cooler" day today, with lower to mid 90s, and humidity is down to 55%. Tomorrow is going back up to upper 90s, and I am sure the humidity will go up with it.

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118 °

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Oh no! That's really, really hot! Be safe!
Virginia Lou
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you are in good health I hope Soul Fly and have access to shelter!
Soul Fly
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Thank you. Its gets pretty warm down here but on the upside no need to buy big poofy down jackets for the winter.
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We're in the high 80's this week. The previous two weeks, we had blazing hot temps. 95 and up / heat index in the 100's and above.

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Last week was very hot and humid. In the upper 90's. Yesterday it went to 100. Overnight we had thunderstorms. The high today is 90. The rest of the week is suppose to be in the 80's.

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Hi all long work day.....this morning when I left for work at 6:15am it was already 80 degrees.....and muggy!

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It has been in a he 90's here, but today it made it to 80 degrees.  Our low humidity helps, 10% today!

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HappyTo BeHereTo
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So you're in an area that has oxygen? I get winded above 9,000'.
Retiredkop Retiredkop
We have a little O2, it 8,000 foot high in my backyard.. On a good day my O2 is 88-91. What a place to have sleep apnea. When I go to lower elevations (enne i see my daughter son in law and granddaughters in Hays Kansas) I breath better but in more pain due to other medical issues. Humidity her runs about 10-22 percent. Last time I went to sea level I was so crippled up after five days I could hardly move.
HappyTo BeHereTo
HappyTo BeHereTo commented
So sorry to hear that. It's surprising how climate and air pressure can wreak havoc.
I found hikers O2 cans online, and got them - just in case. So glad I did!!! They saved me!
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How do all you lovely people cope with such extreme heat?

Does everyone put water out for the wild creatures? 

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