disadvantages of cutting trees?


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Trees Reduce Urban Pollution

“For the first time experts have been able to measure how different species of tree can cut pollution,” reports The Sunday Times of London. In a three-year study in the West Midlands area, scientists from England and Scotland measured soil samples taken near some 32,000 trees to see which species soaked up the most harmful particles. The researchers also measured particles in the atmosphere and ozone levels. The ash, larch, and Scots pine topped the list; least efficient were the oak, willow, and poplar. The study showed that “trees are up to three times more effective in ridding the atmosphere of pollution than grassland.”

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Makes you tired and sweaty.

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Trees create oxygen. The more trees cut down, the less oxygen there is to breath. If there are no trees, we all die.

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Also paper comes from trees.

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Cutting trees, makes the ground no air, and have the pollution, it's a kind of plants that is very useful to us. Anyway, we can't live without it for the health.

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