What Affect Does Cutting Down Trees Have On Our Environment?


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Trees renew our air supply by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.
Trees lower air temperature by evaporating water in their leaves.
Tree roots stabilize soil and prevent erosion.
Trees improve water quality by slowing and filtering rain water, as well as protecting aquifers and watersheds.
The averaged size tree can provide enough wood to make 170,000 pencils.
Trees provide food and shelter for wildlife.
Trees provide protection from downward fall of rain, sleet, and hail as well as reduce storm run-off and the possibility of flooding.
Tree leaves help trap and remove tiny particles of soot and dust which otherwise damages human lungs.
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We are on the earth and survive because of trees ...they provide the essential things which are very important to live ...Trees give us oxygen which is the main source for if we want to live for many years on the earth so we do not cut the trees
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One of the most significant impacts of cutting down trees is that they are a source of shelter to many animal species and they become homeless because of this and it becomes difficult for them to survive. As a result the entire food chain is affected. Cutting down trees means that we have lesser number of tree species left and this decreases the biodiversity. Plants release oxygen into the environment and lesser number of trees means that we will have lesser oxygen content in the atmosphere. Tree leaves also give off water molecules to the environment that become a part of the water cycle and come down as rain. Fewer trees means lesser rains.
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We should not cut the trees because they fulfill all our need like we make furniture,we get rubber etc .... And if we ll not save it then we will only have to suffer .By my view of point if we cut one tree then we should grow two trees more ...please SAVE TREE
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Cutting down trees increases CO2 levels which is bad for human beings and our ozone layer. Also, defforestation leaves plenty of animals homeless as it destroys their habitats.
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If we cut trees the natural will be gone very soon .we will not be able to survive because we will on the oxygen that trees breath out .we probably won't able to live if too many trees are cut down and we give out carbon dioxide which plants breath in , if one of them is not there in the world then the others will die . It is a bad thing if we keep cutting down trees like we do . !!!!
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  1. Trees are beautiful

  2. They are homes for many animals

  3. trees remove carbon dioxide from our air

  4. trees release oxygen into our atmosphere

  5. their roots help prevent land and mudslides
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Forest has been of great importance to mankind since prehistoric days. 60% of the earth once covered with forest. With the development of civilization, large areas have been cleared to make way for farms, mines, towns and roads. Today about 30% of earth is still forested.We depend on the forests for a number of resources, which is why it is so important that we do all we can to conserve the trees and plants that we still have. Forest conservation has become a worldwide concern,
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It is not good to cut down trees because the sun gives oxygen to the trees then we get the oxygen from the trees and without them we would die.Here are some ways to save the trees.
1 Use both sides of the paper when you draw or write
2 Recycle that paper
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If you will cut down trees then it leads to serious problem. Beacause trees are very essential part for each human being as well as for each creature. It gives us wood as well as fruit and vegatables and also help to protect environment from pollution as well as to protect the shield of ozone... So we must not cut trees

hope you like my answer and you will understand my meaning..

Thank you,
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Tree's absorb Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and release Oxygen (O2) back into the atmosphere. This is great to replenish the O2 in the atmosphere. If we cut down too many trees we disrupt the oxygen cycle enough that our O2 supplies are diminished.

When the O2 supplies are diminished enough there is not enough O2 in the atmosphere to block harmful electromagnetic radiation from the sun. O2 is the Earth's line of defense against this radiation. When this radiation collides with O2 it breaks the O2 apart and the two oxygen molecules combine with the next available O2 they run into creating O3 (Ozone). O3 or Ozone is not very stable and will break down when it collides with another Ozone molecule. When 2(O3) collide they create 3(O2).

So, basically, cutting down trees will result in less O2 in the atmosphere. Less O2 means lessprotection from the sun. Less protection from the sun means less Ozone is created.

The Ozone layer is just proof that we are still blocking harmful radiation from the sun.
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Because it causes deforestation.anyways, trees are a from natural resources, so its upto us whether to utilize them or not.
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Good question! Nowadays people are cutting trees for their own uses. But they are not thinking about the future generations. Stop cutting trees for the poor animals are homeless and the birds have no where to go. Stop deforestation and start afforestation! 

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Trees convert carbon dioxide we exhale into oxygen. If it weren't for trees, or plants in general, we would literally suffocate to death. The more trees we cut down, the less oxygen we will have. However, sometimes cutting down a tree is necessary. Especially a dying tree or something of that nature.

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If we cut down trees there will be more quality of atr-borne infections, animals and birds will loose their natural homes, it may loosen the ground which may cause land slides, and it increases the CO^2 levels which is harmful for human beings and the ozone layer.

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This is a common problem that everyone has.
1.) oxygen
2.)animals that live in them can die
3.)schools will be wasting more paper by thinking they have enough when they don't
4.)causes flooding

hope it helps kind of -_-
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Well it has air and oxygen and if you are cutting the trees down you re hurting the enivorment and animals that live near trees or on trees like rabbits and all could die and the it causes flooding to the world and near the forest so all the animals can die. Also school is wasting mire paper by thinking they have enogh but they don't. Some people also do littering and people who do that I would like to remind them that when you are older and you litter and the police caches you then you can get arrested. Schools are all coverd in litter and it very important that you don't because you can still get in trouble even when you are younger.By the lack of litter that I have found in this street and I am very dissapointed please don't litter it is very important that you don't. Headteachers at school are doing a brilliant job by picking up the litter. Even if it is not your litter please just pick it up. If you see someone chucking rubbish on the floor say to them don't do that it is not gd for the enviorment.
Thank you by emily

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