Let's say you have an acorn. You lay down the acorn on a flat surface, and then roll it across the surface. Would it roll in a straight direction or in a circular direction? If the acorn rolls in a circular direction, how?


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It rolls according to its weight, laws of physics and gravitational pull.

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If the cap (or by the scientific name, cupule) is on, it will go in a circle. Since the cap is bigger it will take a longer length to do a complete revolution than the smaller nut part, causing the nut to go in circle. 

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Virginia Lou
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That is a fine description, I even could see the visual in my mind as I read!
PJ Stein
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Thank you Miss Virginia!
Robert Triplett
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PJ Stein I still see one issue with your statement we need an extra variable to fully understand what would happen how the acorn was placed and it's velocity when it was placed because that's all that would matter if it was done on a flat surface
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Most acorns tend to be of a cone shape rather than a cylinder shape and roll like a cone would roll on a flat surface.

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