Lets all pray or whatever u do for gator blu and the people in florida. I went thrue hurricane alicia in 83 it is bad and the power can be out for weeks?


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I'm wishing for all the safety I can on my blurtit and non blurtit friends in the path of Hurricane Matthew. Please take care and be safe my friends.

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Hi Otis,

It's 3 AM here in Washington raincoast...I am awake as often happens, which I enjoy - but thinking tonight about Gator Blu and all the other people ...

Also, I just looked up information about Hurricane Camille in 1969, because I drove the Gulf Coast early 1970 and that devastation still remains so vividly in mind...

Anyway yes, I am holding Gator Blu in my thoughts and my heart.

* * *

3:14 AM PDT...just found this on the Weather Underground website, it's good news (relatively):

Update: At 2:00 am EDT Friday, NHC downgraded Matthew to a Category 3 storm, with top sustained winds of 120 mph.

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Gator Blu I agree with everyone for you and your family. Be Safe 💙

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Absolutely! My brother-in-law lives in Florida so I've already beat you to it. I've heard that there is a possibility that Hurricane Matthew may collide with Hurricane Nicole that is further east.

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PJ Stein
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They covered this in the news early. Nicole is the reason that Matthew may take a second strike at us. It should weaken the both storms but they should bounce off each other.
Corey The Goofyhawk
I just saw the models for the two storms. Very interesting. I wonder if their prediction will happen or not.
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Otis, I've already offered to help eat her ice cream. I don't know what else I can do. (She won't share. I think she's greedy.)

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Thanks Otis! So far so good for me!  The eye is about 100 miles away.

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I send my best wishes your way ! Hope all goes well for you and yours ! We don't have hurricanes over here..........just earthquakes !

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Wishing for the best for all my fellow East-Coasters down in Florida! Hopefully the rest of the year brings good weather and sunshine.

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My thoughts and well wishes are with you Gator and all those in the path of this hurricane. Corey I believe may also be affected in some way...stay safe everyone.

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