Over your lifetime, has your sense of the meaning of "home," has that changed? And if so, would you be willing to explain when and how?

I am still pondering why I am acting so differently toward this little apartment than ever before...it's pretty, nice view and I feel like it is the "right" place to be, plus enjoying the people, the town, the library and the tavern...I am just not so invested in fixing it up as before...

Well based on answers to my previous "home" question, I now wonder if my own sense of the meaning of HOME is changing! (Can that really happen?)
Thank you...


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My perspective of home barely changed to this stage of my life. As i stated before; to me, "Home is where the heart is" there are millions of houses. But which one do i feel like home? At the same time,  my patriotic attitude guides to know America as my home in a wider scale. This land and all the features inside it makes me feel comfortable.

As an example, Imagine someone goes through a life of constant fight and chaos in everyday life. Years of battleship and stress. Experiencing, living and breathing tension every single day. After living this form of life for many years. When all of the sudden life turn out peaceful. No need to be worry about the outcome of the next wave of tension. Silence is everywhere and life is so calm. Everything sound ideal and relaxing. The person get confusion. Psychologically the person can not accept these terms because constantly something is not right from the within because of the bad old habit. In many cases people will go so riot and angry and ask this question "why everything is so calm? What kind of life is this?" sometimes they even try to create a new tension on their own to make their life sound normal. Because at this moment the peace does not feel right and it makes them feel insecure. However this is the life they were wishing for years ago back in time. But today, they barely can recognize it because the emotions are infected to tension. It takes some time so the person recover their old memories and remember who they really are and this peaceful life is what they always wished for. It takes time and effort to make this recent lifestyle a habit and a life to get used to. To be able to separate the old and new memories from each other. And continue embracing the new adventures.

I believe this process is what you going through. You must give yourself time and live through while embracing your new adventures. See what happens then.

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Virginia Lou
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Matt! What a remarkable insight!
I am definitely going to ponder that, ty...yes just taking time to remember who I really am...actually, from your answer, maybe even learning more about myself...
Matt Radiance
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That's a positive move to make! i wish you luck :)
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Cliché or not, home is where the heart is.

Mrs Didge and I moved into our house in 1963 and have stayed here ever since. It's where we raised our family. We grew old here. This has been the stage on which our lives played out. Unless I become too infirm to look after myself I don't expect ever to move.

Johnny Cash doesn't do a bad job of summing it up.

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Virginia Lou
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Dozy that is just very poignant...
Didge Doo
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If I remember correctly, Theresa Brewer did the original version. That's the one that stuck in my mind. But it's hard to go past Johnny Cash.
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You spent some time homeless as I recall from your other question. Could it be that you learned that to feel "at home" you do not need the physical things, but that home is a mental state. 

I notice this in the young generation, they do not buy a house to be a home, but rather as an investment.  They are "home" where ever they are living. (could be due to the availability of housing and the ease of changing living quarters)

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Virginia Lou
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Korvo One, yes that is actually one idea I took from the other question...I have always thought of home as a 'place,' but now maybe that is changing into more of a mental state...

But I still cannot imagine a house as an investment.
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Dear Virginia, it's all in our 💛. 

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I married an Army guy, so we moved a lot. While we either rented or bought places to live, few have felt like home. I grew up in a small town and if I went out I always ran into someone I knew. That rarely happened anywhere. That town is my home and always will be. I live less than 20 miles from my childhood home, but that is still home. Though my husband and I are fixing out house up to be a home It is in the woods, and quite, and peaceful. Plus I an make the short drive to see people I know and grew up with.

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Virginia Lou
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Hmmm...those words are helpful, Gator...
Even though (as you see) I am feeling a bit at loose ends, still there was a quiet kind of joy with this apartment, when I saw I was going to be only about 75 miles from where I was born...

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