Instead of a election how about a wwe tag team for the people running for president the winner gets to be pres. What do u think??


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PJ Stein answered

Oh man. My head hurts and my stomach turned picturing Trump and Hillary in wrestling outfits. Pass the shine! I need a drink.

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Ancient One answered

I think I am at the point of deciding which candidate and vice pres candidate would be the easiest to have impeached.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I don't know Otis. The WWE is pretty rigged and phony anyway. Wouldn't be that much difference. How about a good ole fashioned street brawl with no rules and winner takes all ? Or maybe an old fashioned duel ?

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DDX Project answered

WellΒ  Vince McMahon is one of Trumps only sincere friend. Vince aspires to be Trump and Trump likes to imagine that his story of "humble beginnings" to riches was anything close to Vince McMahon's. They also both have this certain image to them in the entertainment industry of being complete kooks. So I'd imagine a great villain story about Trumps match being interrupted and blatantly rigged, then Vince McMahon takes the place of Vice President instead.

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