How Is Positive Thinking Important For Being A Winner In Life?


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Positive thinking is the ability to always think in a constructive and healthy manner. It's the ability that motivates a person even in the most unfavorable circumstances and situations. Rather than taking challenges as welcoming complexities and worries in the life a winner view these as a source for discovering his/her hidden qualities. A winner gives his/her optimum performance in challenging situations while losers behave and respond pathetically to difficult and hard problems.
We can't change our external circumstances and the environment but we can surely control our responses. For example; if a bus stop is at a distance of let's say 1 kilometer form our home and we don't have personal car also, then rather taking take distance as burden on ourselves we can also think that this walk is good for our health and will make us happy.
Every successful person is a positive thinker. They learn from the past and take past as a learning experience and apply that experience in their present. They live in present while losers blame their past for their failures. Winners take responsibility for their own actions and quality of life and optimistic about their qualities and self-esteem.
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To lead a successful life you need every matter of life to be taken in to account in a very positive frame of mind. Always try to be optimist in every matter. When you suffer a set back it's really the reflect back and think why you have suffered a set back, and then try to analyse your mistake and correct them. You know successful people are fearless. They do not let their lives to be driven out by what people say. They do not care what other people say but rather always go by what their ambitions are, what their ideals are, what their goals are. They never ever downgrade their ideals in the moments of weakness. Success people are those who learn from their mistakes. Try to take every thing positive. If think you lack some thing like money or health then try to think about the people that are in worst condition than you. It will give you a feel of satisfaction. You now earning money, seeking being material wealth is fine but always earn money for some objective, higher objective and never ever make money your objective because it's the recipe for unhappiness.
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We always listen from people around us, BE POSITIVE! What foes it means? I think it means that we should think positively if we want to succeed in life. Positive thinking is a key to success. If we want to hit the bull's eye then we should be positive. I am not saying that one should not think over negative phases of a thing or whatever. I also believe that one should consider the negative ones too but don't take them to heart because heart is something strange.  It is not easy to go with it. Heart tells us that there are many negative points in a thing and we need to avoid them to bits. So, if we think that we can go for a thing and it has a lot of positive things then we should go ahead but we need to make sure one thing i.e. We should not avoid the negative ones in it. We should consider them as well. We can mitigate the negative ones by keeping in view the positive ones. Nothing is impossible. So, it is way to specify the negative ones too. This will give us good and quality success in our life. All the best!
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Imagine a Pro Fighter stepping into the ring thinking he was going to loss. What do you think is going to transpire? Just think!! I'm sure you know one or two in your life. All they think about is " the worst thing that could happen". Guess what's going to happen more often than not? You guessed right.
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Positive Thinking can create wonders; it totally depends on us, that how we control our body with the Power of our Mind. Believe in your self have faith in your abilities and with confidence you can be successful and happy, self confidence leads to self-realization and successful achievements. But person can never change until he wants to.....reading books provide positive thoughts but it will only help if a person is willing to change and motivation and positive thinking can only help if it is used with the intention of being changed.
Our world starts changing when we start thinking optimistically. When someone want something to achieve, want some positive change in his life, things automatically start changing.
That is a fact that we are responsible for our own circumstances. Positive thinking just changes the whole scenario. Positive thinking is somewhere in our mind but we are not using it. When we think negatively, we feel frustrated and tired. We start feeling that there is no way to go out. There is no one to show us light .But once we start thinking in positive way, whole things start changing for us just because of our positive attitude towards life. So think positive in every walk of life as it will help you to deal even the most difficult situation of life.
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I don't even know where to begin on this... The human spirit should be one of hope, and desire, love, and creativity etc. None of these things exist without positive thoughts and feelings. Family, Faith, Trust, Honesty... Where have we left these things?
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We all confront with many things in life. Some are positive and some are negative. The negative things must not bother us in our life and we should continue to look for the positive signs in our life. These signs help us to diminish the effect of these negative things. The positive thinking makes you energetic and you feel more enthusiasm about doing anything. You can have more ideas about life with this positive thinking. The positivity in mind opens new dimensions for an individual and he hopes for the best and prepare for the worst. In this way, he becomes a winner in the walk of life.
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Well you need to think positive if you want positive things to happen to you(most of the time) but also your choices determine your outcomes as well. Always think positive or then you will never get out of that pit.
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Life is as complicated as you make it. Winning, can also be just as complicated. There is winning on different levels. I personally want to be a winner that everyone respects. Even the losers.  So I figure, to accomplish this, I need to be positive, respectful, hardworking, etc... So when I do finally win, nobody has any REAL reason to hate me, or be a sore loser. I don't want to cheat, take shortcuts, or step on anyone to win, then I wont be a true winner, would I?  I think that is why life is so challenging. We live in a pro-choice world, you can win any way you like. If you win in a disrespectful manner, than you aren't a TRUE winner. Just a want to be winner. Life offers something for everyone, all the time. Just go out there, kick butt, and try and get a little respect before this life is over.  Good luck.  :)  :)
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Hi the winner always think positive that's why they won, it's a kind of solving somethings when we meet , so try to be in positive thinking that can help us to have a deal on doing somethings, of course, we can not think it every time in positive but the main is it help us to find a solution or an answer, on the contrary if we are in negative way then we will frustrate worry or unhappy.
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You got to believe. There is no fun in not believing. If we didn't believe there really was a Paris or London or anything out there, we would never go and try for anything, except what is handed to us from Mom and Dad. Some actually stay at home and just wait to get everything, they don't believe they can achieve anything on their own. Some stay in their town their whole lives and never go anywhere. For me that 's like a bird staying near the nest and never flying away. Imagine...
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Negative thinkers look at something and see all of the bad whereas a positive thinker looks at the good and will see the potential to make it even better.

Take the glass half full / half empty scenerio. If you think the glass is half empty then you may also be thinking that there is not enough in the glass to quench your thirst but those that think the glass is half full would think that there was plenty in the glass to quench a thirst and maybe even more.
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Positive thinking plays a very important role in a person's life. Especially in adverse situation, it helps you out in flying colors.
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Well, it's common sense. Thinking influences everything- actions, words, etc. So, what's better therefore? Thinking positively or negatively?

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