Does technology make us smarter? b. Is technology a handicap? c. Is technology enhancing the upcoming generation? d. When did we become dependent on technology? e. Why is technology important to us today?


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I think technology makes many people lazy. With spellcheck many people just accept whatever word is shown, not knowing if it is correct or not. People's vocabulary is getting smaller.

With that said there is a huge upside to technology. Machines of all kinds are becoming more efficient. Medical advances are amazing.

As to when we became dependent on technology, that would be when mankind used their first tool. Technology is not new. It evolves as it progresses. It is as important today as it was yesterday, as it was last year, as it was last century, as it was last millennium, as it was in the beginning of mankind. Without it we become stagnant. 

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No .. In fact i find it does the opposite. It reduces very fundamental congnative activitiy.  For example: Calculators and computers have removed the need for doing math in your head.  At one time, I could add very quickly in my head, but now with my dependancy on a calculator I have lost that ability..and am somewhat challenged when trying do very simply math in my head.  I really have to stop and concentrate to add numbers .. Where as before it came automatically. The brain's ability to do simply math is much like a muscle that needs to be exercised .. Without doing it regular it becomes very weak.

B) Sometimes yes .. sometimes no
C) Sometimes yes .. sometimes no
D) Since inception
E) So we can engage here on Blurtit .. that's it
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The only handicap that I see is the loss of interaction between real people because of devices and websites.

Yes, it is enhancing the upcoming generation as they will have access to more knowledge than ever.

We've been dependent on technology at least since WW2.

We became dependent on it because of it's usefulness to today's science and schooling.

Technology is important to us today for many reasons, like communication and mathematics to begin with.

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Yes and B, C, D, E and homework is best done by self research📑 and study 📚.

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Dear Frederick Crockett,

A. Smarter, in terms of IQ...maybe; I am not sure the research is adequate yet. More knowledgeable, definitely; learning is one of the reasons I appreciate Blurtit.

B. Technology can be a handicap. I would actually like to see people given training in how to enhance their lives, and avoid the downsides. For example, I am glad to have grown up without Internet, my young years just connecting with people and place directly - and now I can add onto that foundation the fascination of technology.

C. The upcoming generation...that remains to be seen. I would have said yes, on balance, technology IS enhancing the new generations, until I learned of the phenomenon of hikikomori; first documented in Japan, teens by the millions retreat into their bedrooms with the hi-tech gadget and stay there sometimes the rest of their lives.

D. The push World War II gave technology was probably a turning point in really locking in our dependency.

E. Technology, specifically the Internet, has the potential for bringing in a wonderful new kind of democratic dynamic for humankind, as we make connections and nurture/nourish and learn from each other, unlimited by geography.

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I'm a born-again technophile and can testify that technology has transformed me from a Luddite to a troglodyte. I spend my time in my cave with my laptop and my idea of an outing is an occasional trip to the kitchen or toilet.

Let's have a look at your question.

Technology won't make us smarter but aspects of it -- like computers and the Internet give us access to all manner of information that will certain give us more knowledge. (The "smarts" depend on how we process that knowledge."

It is far from being a handicap. People with physical disabilities know that technology enables them to do all manner of things they would otherwise be unable to do.

Why stop at one "upcoming generation"? Technology will enhance the lives of ALL future generations.

There's no answer to "When". It started when somebody invented the wheel. We've been becoming more dependent ever since. Our present dependence on computers and the Net leaves commerce, government, health services, airlines, and practically everybody else vulnerable to cyber sabotage.

Why is it important? Without it Maslow's pyramid would crumble to dust and we'd drift back to peasantry.

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