What Is Biomedical Technology?


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Biomedical technology is basically the applied science of engineering and technology to the area of living organisms or biological structures. Generally the word 'biomedical' indicates a higher emphasis on issues concerning the human health and disease. Biomedical engineering together with biotechnology is usually called as Biomedical technology or Bioengineering. It is categorised into two main sections, Biomedical engineering and biotechnology. Biomedical engineering deals mostly with biophysics while bioengineering deals mainly with biochemistry.

Biomedical technology concerns the following subject matter: Biomedical science – also called as health sciences, it deals with human and animal health. This includes elements like the study, research, application of knowledge obtained to heal and cure disease etc.

Biomedical informatics – it is an area associated with bioinformatics and having its base in medical informatics.

Other areas in the field include: Biomedical research, Biomedical engineering, Bioengineering
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After years of construction, biomedical engineering has condensed the medical engineering and bioinformatics science department with medical characteristics.

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