How valid is this argument?


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Unfortunately I was denied access to the site so I took action 2 and asked my dog. She said, "I my not approve of cats but I will defend their right to love, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." My dog is no racist!

Besides, they keep her fit.

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Looks pretty darn valid to me, Ray ! Quite a good and interesting read ! I'm going to check with the Library and see if they have this book ! Unless I could borrow yours?

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Dear Ray,

I don't even see there is any argument here about validity. This excellent article seems incontrovertible; and is in fact the basic reason why, as much as I love them, I have not kept a cat (nor dog either) since 1986 when I first learned of all this.

But the world can be a difficult place for us to live, even brutal. Maybe if we were kinder to each other, we would not need the marvelous comfort of unconditional love from this small animal. Cats help so many of us so much, they alleviate the harshness of life. 

* * *

And we are not the first ones either; Bastet was loved in Ancient Egypt as a goddess since 2800 BC or something like that.

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Mine seems to have a racial memory of that worship and expects it from me.
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I think they ALL have that racial memory, is our purpose here in life...

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