What effects of our warming planet give you the greatest concern, or most directly affect you?


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The drought in California directly affected me. I had a lot of plants die, and our city encouraged us to let our lawns die. Everything seemed dusty and brown. Felt guilty every time I used any water. Food prices I noticed are higher because of the wacky global weather. Crops either had not enough water or were flooded out.

Personally ever since I was a little girl I've worried about losing our drinking water. I also worry about our future generations. I don't know what we will be leaving behind, or what will go extinct because of the way we live.

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Californians, as much as anyone, have seen a lot of the fallout from the changing climate. I worry about the what will become of the fertile central valley and all of the food produced there, long term.
dragonfly forty-six
Absolutely Z. Funny you should mention that, I have extended family who lives out of the Visalia area. We go up a few times a year, and to see the grapes, almonds and walnut trees just decimated was heartbreaking. A lot of farmland up that way. Worry about those cows. Probably not happy.
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I am not educated enough on the subject my friend but my worries of global warming dance around higher risk of skin cancer or new skin cancers.

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Your candor is appreciated, Yin.
It isn't too difficult to discern how things are changing around the planet. We all have a stake in this.
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Thank you so much. ☺
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Greatest concerns are two fold. Increased storm activity and animals being endangered. Polar bears in the artic,  bees and Monarch butterflies just to name a few.

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My concern is that world leaders fly by private jet to the Global Warming Summit while all of us pay taxes on anything that is considered bad for the environment. 





There are also environmentally friendly fuels such as vegetable oil, and even hydropower, but of course they won't let us use these.

The governments role in deforestation.  Believe me someone high up is always getting a kick back.


I'm not a fan of Genetically modified anything. However, farmers are suffering in other countries as GMO rice crops are being planted and contiminating natural long grain rice. This then leaves poor farmers in dept to GMO rice suppliers as unlike natural rice, GMO needs planting every season because it cannot reproduce, hence costing the farmer more money.


They continue to build more runways.

My greatest concern is the jokes on us, I get the feeling that this is less about "saving the planet," and more about "taxing and distracting the little guy."

Lets face it, when earth has done with us she'll have herself another ice age, just like when she'd had enough of those dinosaurs and their CO2 emissions.

CO2 isn't completely the enemy, without it we wouldn't  have plants and it also aids in fertilisation.

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