Scientific evidence proves that our Planet is in fact getting Warmer (Global Warming). Is this Global Warming a result of Nature itself, or is it Man made?


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It is man made, it is only Governments, government paid Scientists, companies, and businesses that make money out of polluting the earth that will tell you different, and of course the fools that choose to believe them.
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If I could give helpfuls for comments you would get one also Oddman. I just wanted to see if you would bite really :))
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Methane, water vapor, and probably other greenhouse gases are involved in ozone depletion reactions. There isn't even a little evidence that the man-made contribution to these natural processes is measurable.
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Despite repeated attempts, in the end, Science is not subject to majority rule.
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Some of each. There is pretty good correlation in available records between global temperature and the flux of energetic cosmic rays from distant space. More cosmic rays mean more particles available in the lower atmosphere for cloud formation. More clouds mean more reflected sunlight, hence a cooler Earth. The book detailing the evidence and supporting experiments is appropriately titled ”The Chilling Clouds.” The correlation goes back many millions of years, long before Man got involved. We are entering part of the galaxy with a reduced flux of energetic cosmic rays, so can expect significant global warming from natural causes.

There are contributions by Man to the particulates and other chemical compounds involved in cloud formation. We also contribute greenhouse gases. As with perturbations to many complex systems, some offset the problem behavior and some increase it.

In my opinion, effort would be better spent preparing for the inevitable, rather than enduring both the cost of warming and the cost of so-called mitigation or prevention. Where there's a buck to be made from fear, you can bet many people will be trying to make it.
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Interesting, I know that throughout time Earth has been subject to extreme weather changes from the modorate to the extreme, look at the last Ice Age which has nothing to do with green house gasses, so it begs the question if infact what we are experiencing now is infact a natural occurence, for we just dont know because there are no records dating back to the time of that last Ice Age but we do know that it happened and that it was not man made

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