Why we are Yawning, when we see others yawning ? Is Yawning  contagious ? I wonder all time


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Depends upon the time of day and your hydration. Also, yes; yawning is one of those things that can trigger or cue a response in our species. It may not be immediate but most people response to seeing another person yawning and reciprocate the gesture.

Fun fact, most psychopaths do not have the same response since they are blind to many of the facial cues of other animals (not literally blind but mentally blind).

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I heard that it can be a test of empathy. If you yawn and your friend doesn't feel an urge to yawn back, they maybe be a person who lacks empathy.

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Very nicely put.
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When I learned about this, I became too aware of it for my own good for no reason. So every time someone yawns now, I "know" I'm supposed to yawn back and thinking about it too much just stops me from yawning at all. Then I just feel bad. lol
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⬆That's so humerous. I can see how that could happen...
Sometimes when I try to stiffle a yawn so someone doesn't think that they are boring me...I end up with a nose yawn instead of a mouth yawn.
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Way back when, as kids we would ride the subway / underground and yawn and see how many people we could get yawning in one "car" / coach. It was a lot of fun.

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People actually yawn to get ready for ... Something.
It doesn't have to do with sleep, as most people think.

And yes, it is an ingrained social condition that if you see someone yawn, you will want to.  Because if CavemanA yawns to get ready for ... Something - then CavemanB should probably get ready, also.

There are also inter-species contagious yawns.  Especially between close social structures, such as a dog and their owner.

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