Why Do We Yawn When We See Someone Else Yawn?


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In psychology it is called mirroring kind of like an empathy thing, feeling what they are feeling. As humans we mirror other peoples feelings by creating the same facial expressions as them like laughing or smiling. Yawning is something caused by the subconscious. Yawning is an involuntary action that everyone does. We start before we are born and most creatures on the planet do it. When one witnesses someone else yawning,
one has a mostly unconscious urge to yawn. People may become conscious
of the urge, but scientists suggest the beginning of the yearn to yawn
is unconscious. This means that the signal to yawn must bypass a
response called the mirror neuron system, which would render yawning
in response to someone else a conscious and imitative act. Scientists
have often, in the past, suggested that the mirror neuron system causes
yawning. Anyhow they have done some studies on it and chimpanzees have been also known to do it. All of then theries though. I do not think anyone really knows for sure.

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