Is there any word that is commonly mispronounced that irks you every time you hear it? How about a phrase that people often say wrong?


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hey cameron answered

People always say "poinsettia" wrong. They say "pointsetta". But there's no "t" after the "n" and there's an "i" in there that you can't just ignore!

People always say "the proof is in the pudding", but the real saying is "the proof of the pudding is in the eating".

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Supposably instead of Supposedly. They have actually said it with a straight face too. 

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Ancient One answered

(Wrong)  Peak your interest.

(Correct)  Pique your interest.

(Wrong)  Mute point.

(Correct)  Moot point.

(Wrong) Expresso

(Correct) Espresso

(Wrong) Escape goat.

(Correct) Scapegoat.

(Wrong) One in the same.

(Correct) One and the same.

(Wrong) Low and behold.

(Correct) Lo and behold.

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Water Nebula answered

Every time a YouTuber pronounces a dino name

Pteranodon becomes terroduhn

Giganotosaurus becomes giganticsaurus

Archaeopteryx becomes archyoatsterrix

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I just did it the other day..... I left a note for the "plummer" but he is the PLUMBER!!!!! Whooops! I am sure he has seen worse!!! Pun intended! Lol!

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Ray Dart answered

I'm often amused by supposedly educated people saying "pacific" when they mean "specific". I even occasionally hear "pacifically".

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