How about the application of Fibroblast Cells? Fibroblasts, the most common mammalian connective tissue cells. fibroblasts


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Beauty field: Fibroblasts are the main cellular components that make up the skin. Synthetic and secreted substances play a big role in maintaining the elasticity and flexibility of the skin. Wrinkles on the skin are also closely related to the reduction of fibroblasts in the skin. Autologous fibroblast therapy has emerged for this phenomenon. The main principle is to take its own fibroblasts in the body's own layer, and in vitro to increase the number in the wound back to the wrinkle skin layer to achieve the effect of improving wrinkles.

Biology: The main reason why fibroblasts can be used in biological research is that skin fibroblasts are particularly easy to obtain and easy to grow in vitro. It is a relatively easy to culture, well tolerated cell that can be applied to genes. Various studies such as infection research and microscope injection.

Medical field: Fibroblasts are directly involved in the process of fracture healing, and they have the ability to induce bone formation. It has been demonstrated by fibroblasts and osteoblasts in vitro through fracture healing experiments and fibroblast in vitro culture experiments. Participate in the osteogenesis process together in environments such as bone defects. Fibroblasts also play an extremely important role in the process of wound healing. In the case of surgery and trauma, fibroblasts can accelerate the synthesis of collagen fibers and matrix, and participate in the repair of tissue to promote wound healing.

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