How's everyone doing on Blurtit, anyone experiencing the cooler temperatures of Fall season, it was 40 degrees here in Southwestern Pennsylvania this morning, i say old Winter is around the corner what you think?


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I hate snow!!!!!

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Yeah same here snow too is horrible cause i live on a hill and I'm stuck getting around but if i live close to town than i risk flooding cause the river is along the town. Thanks for your answer :): :)
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There is a frost warning here too. They are calling for a low of 30 degrees F tomorrow. And a high of 51. There was a frost in town this morning but I didn't have one up here. I can handle Winter, but it's too soon for that. We haven't experienced much Fall yet. The leaves are not even completely changed. We just got out of those nasty hazy, hot and humid days.

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We're having cool nights and mornings, and also had a bit of rain a couple of days ago.  Our days are hovering around 80F, so it still has a long way to go for "winter".

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We had snow on Monday which melted quickly. In the 40's on Tuesday and in the 60's today. Weird Nebraska weather.

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It's around 45 degrees in the morning but about 70 degrees in the afternoon. I hate it when it's so cold in the morning but warm in the afternoon

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It’s 33 right now here and I’m walking to class ☹️ It was in the 20s when I got up for work this morning though. I miss summer already.

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