Do you think that the winter season is a depressing time of the year?


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Lard Ass answered

Yes, most years it is for me having SAD.....this year, it doesn't seem to be as bad, probably due to the warmer weather, but I have a hunch it has more to do with something else!

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Nope. Winter here in S Fla is only a smidge cooler than any other time of year. A few clouds, some occasional rain. No big deal. It was 84 degrees today. We've been known to go jet skiing on Christmas.

Building on what Packy said, I've lived here in the Sunshine State over twenty years, and have yet to tire at all of warm weather, but I do vividly recall being sick and tired of scraping windshields and shoveling snow EVERY time I had to do it back in the day. I am reminded how winter can depress people every year from friends who come down here to escape it's torment.

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No, Spring, is the most depressing. And Summer, that's most depressing too. Autumn's pretty dreary. After that it all goes into a bit of a decline....

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Nope.  I  find Winter more enjoyable than Summer because it's not nearly as humid, and it is a change from the stereotypical QLD weather.  Also, you can do more hiking and ball sports because you won't get heat stroke in Winter.

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