What’s your take on the deteriorating state of our planet?


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Techically,  I don't think it can deteriorate. .. It's coated in too much plastic to deteriorate.

My take ? We're screwed.

I visit my local rural landfill. I've seen so many perfectly useful and repairable items that would make your head spin.

Last week, just on the edge of the pit I grabbed a small plastic bag filled with jewelry. An opal silver bracelet, a pair of silver earrings, 2  working watches (Google said value of watches $395 & $ 195 )

We are a shamefully wasteful society.

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I have actually been thinking about this a lot lately. There are a few communities near me that have stopped portions or all of their recycling programs because it cost more to send it off then to put it in the landfill. I find that scary and shameful.

None of the cities said anything until the problem was out of control. Part of the issue is the recyclables are not clean enough to be sold. So instead educating the people on proper recycling they opted to end their programs. That just boggles my mind.

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My take is that there aren’t enough people paying attention  to it all. Fewer still have bothered to gain an intelligent grasp of what is happening.

The global apathy and ignorance only exacerbate the existential crises our grandchildren, and theirs, will be left to endure.

Frankly, it is just sickening. 

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