How Many Times Do We Blink In A Day?


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Lets just make this short and sweet. 16 times a minute, 960 times a hour, 23,040 times a day, 161,280 times a week, 4,838,400 times a month, and 58,060,800 times a year. THAT'S A LOT OF BLINKING!
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Well, 16 times a minute, so (oops, had to blink) 60 minutes in a hour, 24 hours in a day, 365 days a year. So that is around 8, 409, 600. I am 13 and so 8, 409, 600 times 13=109324800 is how many times I blinked in my life. That is crazy. :D But The average person blinks 6-8 million times a year. Gosh! That is nuts! Oh, and how many times a second? Once every 3.3 seconds. Goodness! That is nuts!
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Yeah? You blink 24 hours a day? That's weird.
Assuming that a person blinks 600 times an hour for the 16 or so hours they're awake, that would be about 9600 blinks in a day.
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People can blink well there sleeping. There's another, thin, layer that blinks. Try gently closing your eyes then try blinking.
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It has been estimated that the average person blinks 16 times per minute. Thus, it can be calculated that people blink 960 times in one hour; 15,360 times in a 16-hour day (because we sleep, of course); 108,220 times in a week; 460,800 times in a 30-day month. The rate of blinking varies, but on average the eye blinks once every five person blinks 25 times in one minute.
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Blinking is basically a rapid closing and opening of the eyelid. It is a very important function of the eye. Blinking helps in spreading tears across the eye. It also helps in removing irritants from cornea and conjunctiva.

The Blinking rate of a person is determined by Blinking center. A Person blinks once every two to ten seconds depending of his metabolism. On average a perdon blinks 10 times in a minute. That means he blinks 600 times in an hour and 14400 times in a day.
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If you don't have any eyelids like me then you probably wont blink. If you blink your gay, haha you blinked!

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