What Makes Us Blink?


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The average human blinks in the region of 25 times per minute. Most of the time we do not even realise that we are actually blinking, it is such an automatic action.
We blink primarily for two reasons. The first is to keep the eye lubricated and to ensure that the surface of the eye is clean. Blinking also helps us to protect the eye against any object which may suddenly come towards it.
However, we also blink as a way of communicating. Rapid blinking among primates, namely monkeys, apes and humans is said to be a means of communicating stress. So the more stressed and anxious we are, the more we blink !
This may be linked to why women 'flutter their eyelashes' , an elaborate form of blinking. When women do this they are, perhaps even subconsciously, conveying the message that they are stressed and need to be rescued by a strong, protective male

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