If A Diagonal Square Measures 14 Inches. What Is The Length Of Each Side?


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If you mean that the distance between diagonally opposite corners on the square is 14 inches then it is a question of applying Pythagoras' Theorem. Think of the square as being 2 right angled triangles placed together, each having a hypotenuse of 14 inches.

Using Pythagoras (Square of Hypotenuse equal to sum of squares of 2 other sides), firstly, you square the hypotenuse = 14 x 14 = 196.

Thus, the squares of the 2 other sides add up to 196.

As we started with a square shape, we know that each of the other sides are the same length, so each side squared must be 196 / 2 = 98.

Thus the square of each side of the square(shape) is 98.

So, the length of each side is the square root of 98 which is approx 9.9 inches.
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Is it written out...14 square root of 2?.....
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As in my earlier response, the answer was not a whole number, it might be easier (and more accurate) to write the answer down as 'The square root of 98'. I suspect it's the method used that's being sought rather than an exact number
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7 foot
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A square in its very essence has 4 equal sides the distance diagonally , verically or horizontally would be 14 inches

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