Why Is A Man Not So Emotional As A Woman. Does Psychological Criteria Play A Part?


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I used to feel that men are not as emotional as women are, too.
But the older I get the more I see the error in my thinking. Men used to be raised thinking they have to be the strong one, the tough one. To cry would make them less than a man. So they suck it up.

But today more and more people are getting smarter and accepting that men are human and feel and hurt as much as woman. And crying is good for everyone.

I tell my grandsons to cry and be proud of those tears as that proves they have a loving heart.

Our nine-week-old grandson died two weeks ago. It was due to the negligence of a baby-sitter. I cried until I had no more tears. My husband cried with me. I have a blanket that the baby had most of the time and I cling to it. The other night I saw my husband hugging it. I saw at least fifty grown men crying as they hugged me or walked past my grandson's coffin. The doctor cried at the ER.

He did tell me a while back that he won't talk about my incurable illness because I t hurts him to much to think of live without me . . .that touched my heart in a giant way.

He is very emotional, very kind, and I know there are so many other men out there the same. I do not think that men and women differ in feelings.
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My heart goes out to you and your family.
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Thats the first time ive heard something like that am sorry about the lost and ill keep you in my prayers but its hard for me to connect to my partner in that way its like he doesnt have emotions and no matter what i do or say he doesnt give me any feed back and it hurts to know that if i express my emotions he doesnt even blink an eye i feel like he doesnt even care anymore am just there with him and he doesnt want me or wit another what should i do i love him dearly?
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I used to be so emotional some days but I realized that there should be no sense while you are with others. I don’t want to say emotion is bad but I know all a girl is ,is emotion. That makes you (if you are a girl) take everything seriously. One of the worst things about girls is that they pay a lot of attention to details which are not really important. Try to see everything from the sky, and you see you’ll get the whole idea. I know when a girl comes home from school ,university ,work ,etc ,they try to remember what all happened to them during the day however boys never pay attention to these things &that’s why they can focus on things and situations better. From now on try not to remember what happened to you all the day and don’t think about what other people thought about you for what you’ve done because you’ll never be sure what they really thought of.
The other problem with girls is that they are not usually relaxed with the situation. Believe it or not you are not the one to be seen all the time, others are there too!
Don’t go on the sky when somebody says:” you are good” ”you are the best and the most beautiful one” especially when the speaker is a boy. I have experienced that if a boy becomes a lover he never says anything about the loved one.
Pay a lot of attention to yourself. Some times buy new things for yourself and go to new places, talk to new people. Avoid those who you don’t enjoy being with.
Be serious about what you really want. Don’t let others achieve that! And always remember that you are here to help others. Weather mentally or physically (but avoid being emotional in helping.)
That’s a fact:”to err is human.” Remember there is no one in the world without mistakes.
And the more the time passes, the more the mistakes are going to be hidden. If you want to be forgiven by others first of all, you should forgive yourself. Always have it in your mind that what I did, was the best one I could. Learn from your mistakes and promise that you would never do them again. I don’t know you believe in God or no. Or the magic power or so, but it really helps talking to God and purring your heart out .telling him thanks that I made this mistake and I understood what not to do to have a better time. ”to forgive is divine.” You deserve to be forgiven.
Things are not that serious. Let bad events go from your mind. As long as you consider things serious they will happen seriously. What you really think of is what you really get. Ever happened you hated s.th. To happen and that happened ridiculously? You know why? Because, you let the situation to come over. You are like a magnet. You attract what you hate or what you love more!
And finally, if you want to empty your mind, use music. Any kind of. But you have to pay attention to any notes which is played.
I hope they work.
Don’t be emotional.
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It's only conditioning that makes men think that they shouldn't show emotion. It is to some degree a cultural thing.
For example in British society it was very much expected that men and to a lesser degree women should show a 'stiff upper lip'.
This attitude is, thankfully dying out and it's perfectly acceptable for a man to show his emotions, and why shouldn't he?

The so called 'Celtic' races have always been known for their strong characters but part of the nature of us 'Celts' female and male is to express emotion too and the strongest men can cry.
Anyone who's been in a group of people listening to Irish, Welsh or Scottish songs which are charged with emotion wouldn't be at all suprised to see men showing a great deal of emotion.
It's a falacy that men are less emotional, some men are some aren't and the same applies to women.

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