Why Human Beings Are Not Autotrophic?


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Because early in the history of life some cells evolved the ability to photosynthesize while others got their energy from organic molecules and later from the molecules that the photosynthesizers produced. Its a basic producer / consumer split in the history of life. We descended, like all animals and fungi from the line of non-photosynthesizers. Therefore we are not self feeding autotrophs.

It's a good thing too I suppose. Otherwise we would not have complex nervous systems with the ability for thought. An organism as complex as yourself would not, even if your epidermis was covered with chloroplasts, produce enough energy for you to do what you do every day. You'd just be able to lay in the sun all day (probably not even that... You just wouldn't/couldn't exist as an autotroph)

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The human body cannot survive without the spirit of man inside, but the Spirit when it leaves the dead body goes onward and upward and in spirit it retains all its intelligence and memories both good and bad.

  In spirit the personality remains much as it was on earth as to temperment, and personality traits and it can be nice or mean to those back on earth and to its fellow spirit just as it had the capacity to do when it was here on earth.

  The Spirit of the dead if it can find a human to work with and get its ideas to the world can go right on working on projects just as it did back on earth and in saying this Einstein and all the other great minds can go on sharing all the great ideas they had when they were here.
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Autotrophic is a word that is made of two terms 'Auto' and 'trophe' that convey the meaning of self and nutrition respectively. The word can be used for the kind of living beings that can feed them by themselves and can be called self supportive. The word can be used for the plants that can produce organic compounds and then use it as a source of energy. As human beings are not self supportive the word can not be used for them.

A human being has to rely on various sources to feed him and unless he doesn't depend on somebody else he is not able to find ways to provide his body the required nutrition. He has to grow crop and to use other sources to gain food and then he has to cook it to feed him. So there are various valid points that can make it a point that the word can not be used for a human being.

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