How Can Research Be Of Help To The Present Needs Of Human Beings?


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Wow ! Tons of stuff...I will list my top choices.
1.To develop medications and cures for sickness and disease for one thing.
2. Our edible fruits and vegetables are developed by research...they make them larger, more flavorful, contain no seeds...all kinds of traits they have "added in" to the original plant.
3. To make our environment safer and easier to live in...and make it so we leave as little damage as possible for future generations.
4. And the " Body Farm"  in Tennessee gave forensics a big boost...research done with dead bodies has lead to tests done by CSI agents to solve murders and catch criminals.
5. Research has enabled women to be able to have babies who otherwise could not without a doctor's help. My friend had intrauterine insemination...and now my god-daughter is 5 years old. :)

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