Why Is Sodium's Symbols NA?


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The Latin name of Sodium is Natrium and it is from its Latin name that its symbol Na is derived. Sodium has an atomic number of eleven; its atomic weight is 22.99. Sodium melts at around 97.8 degrees Celsius and its boiling point is eight hundred and ninety two degrees Celsius. Physically Sodium is light in weight and soft. It is extremely malleable and is silver cum white metallic element. Sodium is available abundantly in combined forms naturally. A form of Sodium we see everyday practically is common salt.

Sodium is also one of the minerals that the body requires. It is also widely used as a preservative and this practice dates back to antiquity. Sodium or its compound of salt has also been used as a type of currency. The reason why this happens is that the sucrose in the sugar has hydroxyl groups that are charged negatively. Oxygen that is present in water is positively charged and hence binds with sugar. When this happens, a hydration shell forms all around the molecule of sucrose, preventing it from other molecules of sugar. This prevents the sugar crystals from reforming.

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