How Many Types Of Oracle Certifications Are There And What Are The Differences?


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In 1977 Oracle came in use and introduced new kind of database known as Relational Database. Following are some versions of Oracle database.
• Oracle 8 supports network computing (in 1997).
• Oracle 8i supports applications on Internet platform (in 1999).
• Oracle 9i came in the market with new features like Real Application Clusters, reliability and speed (in 2001).
Oracle Certifications Types
There are two types of Oracle certifications:

1. Database Administrator (DBA)  
2. Application Developer  

Database Administrator:
Database Administrators are accountable for managerial/administrative activities like taking backups, installing database, updating and modifying the data and so on. They should also know the basic architecture of the Oracle database.

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Application Developer:
Application Developers are liable for making or developing applications and programs on Oracle. They should have good information about the back end languages like SQL, PL/SQL, and also know about Form Builder and Report Builder.

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Go to following links to have detail information about Oracle DBA and Oracle Application Developer Certification:

OCP 1Z0-001
OCP 1Z0-007
OCP 1Z0-031
OCP 1Z0-032

OCP 1Z0-033
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Here are some top 10 Oracle Certifications Worldwide

1.  Java SE 7 Programmer Certified Associate
2.  Java SE 7 Programmer Certified Professional
3.  Java SE 6 Programmer Certified Professional
4.  Oracle Database SQL Certified Expert
5.  Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate
6.  Oracle Database 11g: Administrator Certified Associate
7.  Oracle Database 11g: Administrator Certified Professional
8.  Oracle Database 10g: Administrator Certified Associate
9.  Oracle Database 10g: Administrator Certified Professional
10. Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional

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