Why Were Guns Invented?


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There is an American proverb that goes, "God made man, Samuel Colt made them equal". It is so said because Colt developed what we now know as the revolver. This was in around 1836 and guns were already in use. Guns were invented not for protection against the elements or for sport or for hunting but with the simple purpose to fight other men.  
The development of guns can be traced back through cannons to the early siege weaponry. The Chinese had already started using gunpowder in warfare much before anyone in the west. The Mongols refined Chinese siege technology further and the rudimentary cannon appeared on the scene. By the fourteenth century Edward the Third was using cannons against his northern enemies the Scots. From here onwards the evolution of the gun began in earnest. First the hand cannon by around 1364 and guns by around 1375. The first muskets were very inaccurate and clumsy and even though the long bow and crossbow were deadlier till much later they were gradually phased out.
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Guns came from cannons. Cannons came from rockets. Rockets came from chinese fire-arrows. Fire-arrows came from gunpowder discovered by a chinese cook who mixed charcoal, sulphur and saltpeter which ignited and exploded.
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So that we could kill each other more efficiently.
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I think at first, they were made for war.
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For the sissie modern aged people who were afraid to get cut in half from a sword or have an axe cracked over their head?
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Well first of all my little friend,guns are not invented anymore they have been invented centuries ago.however if a new type of gun was made now it could be consider a new invented type of gun but who cares.the question here is why the hell where they made in the first place.
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So people can fight it the war and so cops can get bad people so they wont kill people

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