How Do You Calculate Number Of Isomers?


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You can use the number of chiral carbons to calculate it:
2 raised to index(n)
Where (n) is number of chiral carbon in compound?
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Number of isomers are calculated using the no. Of carbon atoms in any compound. I think it is CnH4n-2 not valid for methane only.
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No, there is no way till now... At least there is no simple one till now
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To calculate isomers there are two methods: enumeration and counting. Finding the number of isomers in a given formula is called "counting." Finding the number of isomers, and all the individual elements of a formula is called "enumeration."

If you go to you will find a paper, which explains the calculation of numbers of isomers. Although, this article is chemistry specific, the first part of the article explains calculating the number of isomers.

On page 7 of the above paper you will find information about computerized calculations of isomers using enumeration. If you need to review isomers in general I suggest you go to A site all about isomers. Just below the words, A creative look at Isomers, there is a green link. Click and you go to a new page Here you will find a simple definition of isomers, structural isomers, stereo isomers and more.

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