How Important Is Global Food Trade?


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The global food trade is very important. The main reason is that many countries do not have the resources, or capacity to produce the amount of food needed by the citizens in that given country.

Trading between states is important, for the same reasons. Climates differ in different areas of the country, so many products cannot be produced everywhere. The United States would not be able to survive without food trade, because it depends on the money that is brought into the country this way.

That is how it affects the economy. Through the income generated by the food that is exported out of the country. Just remember though, that not all of the trading is just food or money. Sometimes it is things like technology for food, or silk for food. The items up for trade are what ever the country has that is worth value, and that the other country is willing to accept for the trade.

I take classes online and I just had to answer these questions. The trade between states is important, if we didn't have trades going on how would people know about California Navel Oranges?

Without global food trade we would never have sea food. Most sea food comes from Thailand and China. Yes, the U.S would probably survive because of all the food that is grown in the United States. Other countries may not survive because they may not grow enough to feed there people.

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I don't think global food trade effects the economy much, because most food are easily perishable & thus produced outside the country, where it's going to be sold, by either the company itself or by franchising.

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