How Event-driven Programming Differs From Procedural Programming?


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Procedure-driven programming, which you can think of as traditional programming, defines the programming process as the development of procedures that explicitly direct the flow of data and control.

Event-driven programming defines the programming process as the development of procedures that respond to the flow of data and control as directed by the user, program, or operating system.

These programming models differ in flow of execution and structure. In addition, each model works best with a particular programming environment. Get Help in all computer science programming  language at CodeAvail- Online Computer Science Assignment

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Event driven programming is  a programming which is done on the event . While a data base programming is related to the data of the database
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In procedural programming, Programer create his own routine for specific purpose and also he himself have to check the events and decide what to do. But in event driven programing events are traped by the environment of the language and programmer just have to use them as he wants.
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Not true. Event driven programming has nothing to do with procedural or OOP style. Point of event driven programming is, that your program enters a main , so called "event loop", throuch which it responds to events. Instead of doing everything in predetermined order, event driven program essentially does nothing by default and it waits for events to happen, once event occurs it process that event, and when it's finished it waits for another. GUI programs are usually event driven.

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