What Are Disadvantages Of Event Driven Programming?


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All these answers are crap especially the one that refers to "Batch Programming" which doesn't exist. You are probably reffering to Microsoft's Batch Scripting Language, which cannot be compared to a programming language.
Disadvantages of Event Driven Programming
1. Classes are often not reusable or hard to implement in other applications.
2. Event Driven Programming is generally only useful in GUI programming
3. Event Driven Programming is complex to master
4. Is often not portable to other operating systems, such as in the case of the .NET framework under windows that uses event driven programming.
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Batch programming exists, the batch paradigm is a sequential non-interactive paradigm, generally used for simple operations, the most obvious example being batch files (.bat)
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- It allows for more interactive programs. Almost all modern GUI programs use event driven programming.
- It can be implemented using hardware interrupts, which will reduce the power used by the computer.
- It allows sensors and other hardware to easily interact with software.

- For simple programs, event driven programming is often more complex and cumbersome than batch programming.
- The flow of the program is usually less logical and obvious.
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EDP can be slow, as a lot of processing power is soaked up by the need for event loops to keep checking the GUI to find out if anything has happened. Yet more processing power is taken by the trigger functions as they match the type of event with the event handler needed to respond to it.

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The main disadvantage I can see is that your code may end up tightly coupled with the UI framework you're using. Say you make a program that does some kind of calculation. You would probably make a few text boxes for the user to input data, then a button that grabs those values and does the calculation when the user clicks on it. So far so good, but what if now you want to do the same calculations, but without the UI? You might need to do a whole batch of calculations where the data comes from a file. If your existing code is completely designed around the event driven UI system, you won't just be able to take that code and put it somewhere else, you'll have to rewrite it.

Also there's some types of applications that just don't make sense to write in an "event driven" way. For example most games will have some kind of physics simulation that needs to keep going regardless of what input the game is getting.

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The advantages of event driven programs is that they can be easily altered if the programmer wants something to change in the program. Programs can be made easily as the language is relatively easy to understand and learn. disadvantages of event driven programming are that they are memory intensive. For more info get help at CodeAvail- Online Computer Science Assignment

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It can be slow

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