What Is Cholecalciferol Granule Used For?


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Cholecalciferol granules are used to make up for a lack of Vitamin D3 in the body. This deficiency can be down to a variety of factors, but a common one is the condition Osteoporosis. This is a bone condition that makes the bones more porous, of a lower mass, and generally weaker. The solution is Vitamin D3, which triggers increased calcification to repair bones and improve their density and durability.

  • What is Cholecalciferol?
Cholecalciferol is also known as Calciol. It is a form of Vitamin D, specifically Vitamin D3. It helps with the absorption of Calcium, and is useful for treating Osteoporosis. It is naturally formed by the intake of sunlight through the skin.

It is an orally administered medication; generally in liquid form because it becomes easier to administer. This is especially true with regards children, who require the Cholecalciferol to combat Rickets.

  • Are there any dangers?
Excessive doses are poisonous, so much so that Cholecalciferol is actually used in the poisoning of rodents, who are more susceptible than most others. The poison pellets can affect cats and dogs and other smaller animals too though, so you should be very careful when laying any rodenticide.

The condition in humans is known as Hypervitaminosis D. Symptoms include dehydration, loss of appetite, vomiting, irritability and others such as constipation, muscle weakness (including shaking), fatigue and a lack of libido. The damage by Vitamin D3 comes from increased calcification (hypocalcaemia) to the kidneys, heart and other soft tissue. It takes a while - months even - for these symptoms to show. Regulated dosage and altered diet can bring your body back to normal within a month.

If you have any health worries you should seek medical assistance as soon as possible, and if you start to take ill with unusual symptoms then immediate emergency help.
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Cholecalciferol granules are vitamin d3 granules used when there is a lack of vitamin d3 in the body (hypovitaminosis) and when there is evidence of osteoporosis.

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