What Is A Snowflake And How Many Sides Does It Have?


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A snowflake is a group of tiny crystals of frozen water, which in turn clump together to form snow. Since snow is made up of tiny water crystals it has a soft and granular texture. There are different types of crystal in nature; a snowflake is one of them. Because of the cold temperatures during winter when the water vapor present in the earth's atmosphere condenses and falls down (precipitation) one of the forms it takes is that of snow.

While snowflakes come in different shapes and forms like plates, columns and needles they all share one common feature, they all are hexagonal or have six sides because ordinary ice has a hexagonal structure. Although it is widely believed that no two objects in the universe share an identical molecular structure it becomes all the more difficult to observe this in the case of snowflakes and because of the sheer magnitude of the occurrence of snow it is difficult to observe or study snowflakes and decide if any two snowflakes are similar.

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