What Do You Know About Alexander Fleming's Invention?


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Antibiotics are that kind of drugs which are useful in the prevention and treatment of infections. Anti means "against" and biotic means "life". Antibiotics work only against certain forms of life; the bacteria which cause disease. These kinds of drugs are themselves substances made from living matter like bacteria, molds or larger plants.

With the discovery of Penicillin the development of antibiotics began by Sir Alexander Fleming in 1928. His discovery was studied and developed further by other scientists. As a result, there are many antibiotics in use today. Among them Penicillin, Streptomycin, Aureomycin Chloramphenicol and Terramycin are very famous.

Sometimes, antibiotics are given for long periods of time. And, sometimes, antibiotics are given not for treatment, but for prevention of disease. Since the use of antibiotics, deaths due to infections alone are rare. The infectious diseases are no longer such a menace to man's health.

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