If I Want To Import Gold Then What Will Be Procedure ..?


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If you want to import gold, the first procedure you have to follow is to get the license that can authorize you to import gold in your country. This is an era of liberalisation where every nation is promoting import and export of goods, so getting the license is also not gong to be a very difficult task. You just have to approach the concerned authorities and usually the authorities in any country are the people from the commerce department, so you can approach them.

The main concern while you are importing is that the price of gold in a country. You have to find out in which country it is the cheapest. You can also look at the distance from your country to the one from which you are intending to import. If the price difference in your neighbouring country and the country that is very far is less and the difference is covered with the cost of transportation, then certainly you should prefer the neighbouring one as it will take less time to import and also your money is engaged in the process for less period of time.
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Where can I register in South Africa to import gold, and if I am registered can bay gold at a price and sell it at any other price?

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