I Want To Import Gold From Ghana To The USA What Will Be The Procedure?


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To import Gold into the USA needs no particular license - there is no duty unless the value of the coins are above $10,000. If so, then it must be declared to the CBP - Customs and Border Protection - and the form FinCEN-105 should be used to report it. Under no circumstances can copies of gold enter the USA as this is prohibited; the gold must be marked properly by the origin country. When the shipment has reached the USA the importer would have filed entry documents and this would be done with the port director. Evidence for the right to make entry will be either a waybill if the goods have arrived by air or a Carriers Certificate.
Within 15 days of the shipment arriving at a port of entry, the port director must have received entry documents at a location that will be specified by the port director. The documents are consisted of a commercial invoice or a pro forma invoice if the commercial invoice cannot be produced. A packing list, the evidence of the right to make entry, an Entry Manifest CBP form 7533 or Application and Special Permit for immediate delivery where a CBP form 3461 is to be used. It is to be made sure that your exporter has  registered with the Ghana Export Promotion Council and complete a customs Bill of entry commonly known as S.A.D. A Bank of Ghana Exchange Control form A2, which can be obtained from the Bank or an accredited commercial bank. From the Airline instructions should be for the Dispatch of the Goods also known as the IDG form. Draw up a packing list and assemble an invoice for the goods and a Certificate of Origin is very important to obtain from the Chamber of Commerce.

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