What Is Routing Number For Wachovia In Georgia?


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The routing number for Wachovia in Georgia may be 061000227.

  • Call the bank
Instead of relying on the internet for the answer, it may be better if you call the bank. The bank is the only place that can tell you with any certainty what the routing number is. Most banks use a 100**** as the pattern, meaning that the number always starts with one and a few zeros before launching into another series.

  • Bank changes
Wachovia is no longer a separate entity, meaning that it belongs to Wells Fargo. The Wells Fargo name is actually replacing all of Wachovia. If this has not happened in its entirety yet for Georgia it will be soon. Once this occurs Wachovia accounts will then switch to the Wells Fargo routing code.

The merger occurred in 2008 due to subprime issues. Wells Faro was in a prime position to overtake Wachovia and help them solve their debts. The routing number of Wells Fargo starts with the 100.

  • Correct routing number

It is important that you have the correct routing number so that the deposit or other transaction can be conducted appropriately. There are charges from some entities when you make a mistake with regards to the routing number or any financial transaction.

Getting numbers from the internet can also lead to problems. While the routing number above is given, we cannot with any accuracy say it is the right number. This is why we have urged you to call the bank and find out from them.

If you do not want to call then you may want to check any deposit slips or checks you have for that account. These two paper products will have the routing number. It is the first number on the deposit slip or check and the second is your bank account.
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In buford  georgia
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Another q/a site lists it as 061000010

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