How Does Global Warming Affect The Water Cycle?


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Global warming will increase the temperature of the Earth so the speed of the water cycle will  increase. Therefore,the sea level will increase.
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Global warming will have many impacts on the water cycle.
I am researching this subject as well, as I have to write an essay on it for school.
What I have found so far is that in general, temperatures will raise, and this will result in more evaporation and consequently, more precipitation. This will undoubtedly augment a region's annual rainfall.
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Thank you for the tip Im also writing this for a school paper too anyway thank you for the small tip though on helping me atleast! =)
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The world is already suffering severe droughts. The southwestern U.S. Has been in drought conditions since 2003 and the water level in Lake Meade - which is the reservoir that supplies water to Las Vegas and other areas of the southwest - has been reduced by one-third in the past decade. I was there about a year ago and you can see how far down the lake is from the water marks on the area around Hoover Dam. The dam also supplies the hydroelectric for Las Vegas and it will be inoperable when the water level lowers to a point where it can no longer run its turbines.  In the Sudan, there has been a severe drought for the past nine years. The livestock are dying and subsequently the people are dying and being buried in mass graves. There are major dust storms in Australia and China as a result of drought. So the effects of climate change on the Earth's water supplies are already occurring and will only get worse unless world leaders take immediate action, yet they did nothing at the Climate Summit in Copenhagen. You can take steps to conserve water - in the U.S. Each person uses over 100 gallons of water a day, compared to Europe where each person uses about 50 gallons, and Africa - where each person uses only 4 gallons a day. We waste way too much water in the U.S.  I have a blog that you can get to from MSN search engine with some tips for water conservation at
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Yes, the higher temperature causes the water to evaporate, and in some areas it causes the icebergs to melt creating more water

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