How is global warming affecting wild yaks?


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Global warming is having an adverse effect on wild yaks throughout India. The reason for this is that the rising temperatures is disrupting their natural habit and creating conditions that they cannot live in. As a result, the yaks are moving upwards through the Himalayas and a quickly running out of comfortable living conditions as a result.

  • The consequences of global warming on wildlife
Due to the increasing temperatures experienced on Earth as a result of global warming, problems have been encountered through all walks of life. The most well-known effects of global warming on wildlife would be the melting of the polar ice caps and - as a result - the destruction of the natural habit for polar bears and other artic-dwelling animals.

For the wild yaks, the problems they are facing are very similar. The rising temperatures are disrupting their living conditions and making areas of land at lower altitudes near impossible to exist there.

Some of the statistics relating the population of wild yaks are shocking, for example the Yak population in Himachal down from 6,000 to 2,000 in the 12 years

The statistics speak volumes as to what sort of effect global warming is having on the dwindling population of these animals. Their ideal habit is at around 7,000 feet with temperatures of up to 13 degrees Celsius.

However - due to increasing temperatures, yak farmers are having to move their herd even further upwards to heights of 8,000 feet and above. The higher the altitude, the scarcer the food supplies are for these animals.

  • What should be done?

It is unknown whether a comprehensive and effective solution can be found to save these animals or indeed the planet from the effects of global warming. Nevertheless, every effort is being made by world leaders to try and bring the problem to a halt.
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Global warming effects the Yaks because as it causes an  increase in the temperature it becomes difficult for them living in high latitudes.

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