How Does Caffeine Dehydrate Our Bodies?


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Caffeine dehydrates the body because it is a Diruretic, that means that it pushes the fluid through the body quickly, unlike water it nourishes the body tissues and hydrates us.  Cofee and tea are both diruretics.
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Caffeine causes activation of our sympathetic nervous system, just like epinephrine & similar chemicals. Caffeine causes our blood vessels to constrict, blood pressure to increase and our heart to beat faster. This results to increase in cardiac output. Increase in cardiac output results to increasing renal filtration, which results to increase in urine output, and therefore dehydration, if there is imbalance in intake and output of fluids.
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This is the wrong forum for a debate. You should move this over into the debate section.

Coffee does dehydrate, by the way.
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Coffee can dehydrate you, so you shouldn't over do it and drink regular water during your workouts. Research also says that Coffee is an anti-nutrient. Click here to get more information.
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Do some research before you answer questions, yea this is old, but coffee does not dehydrate you; your body regulates the fluid intake.

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