If You Were Stranded On A Desert Island And Could Only Take Five Items, What Would They Be?


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luke sexton Profile
luke sexton answered
You can't take any of that stuff by the time you wash up on the island with no one around you don't no what will wash up with you unless you tie the suit case to your Wrist with every thing in it I would learn how to survive on my own with every thing around me I can use stuff like vines and wood on the island
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Anonymous answered
I would bring a good knife, water filter, rope, lots of matches/lighters/torch and my husband.
Octavia Blakey Profile
Octavia Blakey answered
Well I would take tooth brush, tooth paste, water filters, rope and ... I don't know what the 5th should be lol
Pamela Krueger Profile
Pamela Krueger answered
Oh good idea nomad...I'd take a water-filter pitcher, matches, boy scout knives, survival food, husband.
jackie Profile
jackie answered
I'd take water filter, food,a journal and a pen to capture  the experience, a hammock to sleep in
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I would take cooking stove food+water torch Raft knife and my best friend Stephanie
EMILY SEN answered
Hmmm a very cute question I would take some sand so that I can never forget the experience I had and obviously a plastic bag in which I can put the sand and then knife ,a torch ,tooth brush and tooth paste hehehehe to keep my mouth clean.
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Anonymous answered
I would take the world's largest life-time lasting pizza, a jug for water, an ice skate, a volleyball with a face on it, and lots of clothes and underwear.
mike white Profile
mike white answered
Five things I will take what ever washes up on sure wouldn't you if you wash up on sure stuff is going to as well
Angie Knight Profile
Angie Knight answered
Hmmmmm..... I like that question..... I would take a survival kit, a knife, my Bff, a hammock, and a raft.
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Anonymous answered
A very good knife, JESUS, well since I have Jesus I don't need anything else but for the sake of answering this dehydrated food, water purifying system and a hammock.

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