How Has The Traditional Lifestyle Of The Eskimo People Changed In Modern Times?


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Instead of the nomadic life of their ancestors, the Inuit are congregating in settlements alongside white workers, and they are engaging in such occupations as mining, oil drilling, bush flying, and so forth. Thus, rather than dwelling in igloo homes of snow, many live in low-cost prefabricated houses provided by the Canadian government. Many of these homes are electrically equipped and have modern plumbing and forced-air furnaces.
Nevertheless, most Eskimos still rely on trapping and hunting as a means of livelihood. But since fur prices are very unstable, these Eskimos are being encouraged by the Canadian government to supplement their income by means of such projects as soapstone carvings, sealskin prints and the making of the Eskimo "Ookpik," a small humorous-looking doll. Many of the Inuit show real talent for such arts.

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