How Many Times Does A Heart Beat In A Year?


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A heart on average beats at 72 times per minute. So during the entire day it beats around 100,000 times. And calculating it for a year it beats around 38 million times. However, when you are 70 years old, it would possibly beat up to 2.5 billion times, depending if you survive that age!!

A heart rate is basically a term that is used to describe the frequency level of the cardiac cycle. It is usually considered to be one of the four vital signs. It basically calculates the number of contractions of the heart in a minute and which is better expressed as "beats per minute." While in your resting time a male heart beast at 70 bpm and a female at 75 bpm. But this rate could also vary a lot.
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You do the math:  (72 beats/min.)(60 min./hour)(24 hour/day)(365 day/year) = x beats/year
I'll be back in one year to see if you've done the math correctly.

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