How Long Has America Been Using Genetically-Engineered Food?


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Genetically-engineered Food (also known as biotech food) has been available in America since 1990.

The Company Genentech had developed a strain of E.Coli in 1978 that was capable of producing the human protein, insulin.

The first genetically engineered food
The Asilomar Conference was held in the American state of California. The conference was held due to concerns regarding genetic engineering in 1975.

The first commercially-grown genetically modified crop was the tomato, cultivated by a Californian Company. The tomato was submitted by the Company for health testing in 1992 and was available commercially by 1994.

Since then, genetically-modified crops that were subsequently developed were insect-protected cotton and herbicide-tolerant soybeans.

Types of genetically modified crop
Other GM crops include:

  • Insect-protected maize
  • herbicide-tolerant cotton
  • maize
  • various rapeseed varieties.
Several concerns have been raised on ethical, religious and health grounds from time to time about the correctness of genetically playing with nature, although I'm of the belief that genetically-modified food is vital to meeting the world's growing food demands.

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