What Does The Sun Look Like From Saturn?


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If it were possible for us to view the Sun from Saturn, then it would appear much smaller than it does to us from here on Earth.

The Sun would still be much larger and brighter than any other stars, but it wouldn't appear as the predominant ball of fire that we are so accustomed to.

Saturn: The Planet Without a Solid Surface
Saturn is commonly known as a 'gas giant'. This is because of its thick atmosphere, which is largely made up of two gases: Hydrogen and helium, although it also contains water ice, and methane.

If you could travel down through Saturn's atmosphere, you would pass through three distinct cloud layers, with a range of different temperatures, from -250 degrees centigrade at the top layer, down to 0 degrees centigrade at the bottom.

Beneath this level, the atmospheric pressure increases, and first hydrogen gas, then helium gas turns to liquid. This is the point at which you could consider yourself to be on the 'surface' of Saturn.

I don't think you'd have much luck getting down there in the first place but, even if you did, I'm sure the cloud cover would render the Sun invisible!

Sadly, this means that to the best of my knowledge, it is not possible to discuss the effects of Saturn's atmosphere upon the colour of the sunlight perceived from its surface.
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It looks a little bit smaller than it does on Earth.
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It looks how it looks like from Earth, only smaller.

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